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Our Mission: To help you thrive.

Our overriding objective is to help you thrive in today's agricultural marketplace.

Chances are you have more information than you have time to decipher. What you really need is market intelligence – information from bright people who can help you bring local, regional and world perspective to your very own marketing strategy.

As a Benson-Quinn Commodities (BQCI) customer you receive:

• Our commitment to personal communication – our mainstay
• On-line communications including Web-based reports:

• USDA reports
• Weather updates
• Exchange pricing information

• Benson-Quinn Commodities-sponsored marketing workshops
• Competitive pricing
• Access to affiliate branches throughout the U.S. and Canada


• Trade execution: Futures and options for commodities ranging from wheat, corn    and soybeans to livestock, metals and currencies.
• Exchange accessibility: All North American exchanges from Minneapolis to    Kansas City, Chicago to Winnipeg.
• 24-hour information access

Our Clients

Our clients are as diverse as our services. Farmers, country elevator managers turn to us for advice specific to their situations and businesses. Come to us for insight, marketing strategies, global network and alternative investment opportunities.

121 South 8th Street, Suite 1700
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Telephone: 612-340-5905
Fax: 612-335-2972
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The risk of loss in trading futures and options on futures can be substantial. Each investor must carefully consider whether this type of investment is appropriate for them.