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New for farmers

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Farmers now have access to our one-of-a-kind, computer-based MarketHelp 1.0 which walks farmers through marketing questions, situations, what-ifs, expectations and prices. It helps create a targeted marketing strategy – at the core of a healthy business. After a marketing plan is in place, our commodities experts, brokers and in-the-pit traders help farmers implement their plans, while flexibly adapting to market changes. Here is a sample of MarketHelp 1.0, now available on CD-ROM.


STEP ONE: Consider Alternatives

MarketHelp 1.0 walks you through marketing alternatives. First, you'll consider, given your cash flow requirements, whether you require payment:


You'll also be asked for an opinion on your cash basis and futures and whether you think prices are rallying, declining or you have no opinion. For more detailed analysis you have the option to plug in your cost of production information.

STEP TWO: Evaluate Marketing Strategies

Based on the information you've supplied, MarketHelp 1.0 will help you study your alternatives and help you answer: Which strategy best meets your marketing goals? MarketHelp 1.0 will show you projected outcomes for a variety of strategies using futures and options and numerous cash grain-related alternatives. Descriptions detail advantages and disadvantages of these marketing alternatives. And graphs show how revenue associated with a contract changes as futures prices rise and fall. For each marketing choice, the approximate amount of revenue generated is shown. Easy-viewing charts make comparisons between one strategy and another easier.


STEP THREE: Make decisions

Producers can use information prompted by MarketHelp 1.0 to narrow down alternatives and make choices. Benson Quinn Commodities advisors will help you further evaluate your alternatives and assist you in making sound decisions. From installation to training and technical support, Benson Quinn Commodities is here to help. Your success means our success.

How to get started

E-mail us for more details.

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